Vocal Coaching & Mentoring for Singers
Vocal Coaching & Mentoring for Singers

Teachers and How we Teach Voice

In the United States, voice teachers use a mix of vocal techniques from the traditions of Italy, England, and Germany. With input from Local and University Teachers, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and a lifetime of singing...I have developed a system of teaching that meets each singer where they are and develops their natural singing voice.


I offer this training to the teachers that teach for Groh Music and to the students who enroll. Elements on this training include:


- Exercises that develop a student's vocal range

- Train the singers ear to match pitches

- Mentor and build self understanding and confidence

- Techniques that develop their sight-singing and listening skills


By opening a door to your dreams and goals, we can meet you where you are and give you the steps it takes to - not only reach, but exceed your goals.  If you would like to know more about our Teachers, Training, and Lesson options, enjoy the website and explore the possibilies. 


Jennifer Gebhart, soprano


Jennifer Gebhart is a coloratura soprano. She is finishing her bachelors of arts at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, majoring in performance and technology with an emphasis in vocal performance. Jennifer has trained in classical, jazz, and musical theatre. She has performed in operas Dido and Aeneas, The Mikado, and musicals Hairspray, The Sound of Music, and Annie Get Your Gun.

Jennifer has also performed in several choirs throughout the US, singing a range of pieces and styles from folk to Bach and Mozart.
Jennifer has cultivated a lifelong passion for music and believes that music builds confidence and identity.


Her teaching method consists of musical theory, sight singing and ear training, and practicing movement to increase the strength and confidence of each student. Jennifer believes that music is meant to be enjoyed and that self-expression and the communication of ones thoughts are powerful elements of music. Music is the great art form loved by people across the globe and each person has the capacity to express themselves musically.

Jennifer has lived in Colorado Springs for the passed ten years and enjoys hiking, photography,
traveling, and collaborating with other musicians.

Lila Petering, soprano


Lila is a soprano and actress. She attends Vanguard High School where she was cast in their musical, Les Miserable. She has been singing since she was 3 years old and has developed an extreme love for music.


Lila has been studying with Sarah Groh Correa for a year and half and is a part of the Vanguard School Chamber choir, Morning Choir, and Musical.  She loves teaching and working with younger children to create a connection and pass on the love for music. Lila will be teaching both Group Voice Classes for Kids this year.

Aspects of Teaching and Training

Male singers of any age will find a unique connection with Groh Music as they learn to sing. We understand the male voice and how to strenghen his tone as well as assign him great appropriate repertoire.

It is important to understand how you produce a tone and how to stay healthy as you enjoy life.  Having a cold or not getting enough rest or water effects the voice. We want to make sure you know how your body and mind work together to help your voice produce the sounds you desire. And, trick to sing through a cold when you have a performance.

We help to support and build self-confidence through a mentoring process that includes:


- Building Emotional Intellegence

- Setting and reaching goals through a plan of action

- Education about the realities of majoring in music, making a career and auditioning for productions.

Posture, jaw allignment, and breath make for great singing. We want to help you get to your singing goals faster by showing you the right way to stand, sit, and project your voice.

We Can All Sing!


Explore the healing, professional, and

life-giving aspects

of singing.


Groh Music exists to help people in the Colorado Spring community reach personal goals, personal growth, find healing and fellowship through music and movement.

Sarah Groh Correa, Director

Our Mission


To engage students of all ages in a life changing musical experience that contributes to their personal goals every time they sing.

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