Vocal Coaching & Mentoring for Singers
Vocal Coaching & Mentoring for Singers

True Voice

 The montra that inspires all I do is: "Use my Voice to help others find theirs."


This literally means - teaching voice lessons to all aged students. But more broadly,

it means, working with those who want to talk out an issue or decision.


Active Listening, Emotional Intellegence, the Wise Choice Process and Goal Planning are key when helping students work through a tough decision.  Now, I want to offer moms, dads, singles, and friends of friends an opportunity to enjoy a listening ear


This Fall, I will offer a new service called - TRUE VOICE

- Non-judgemental approach

- Available during the day

- Active listening and process that supports

  your ability to make a decision - without giving you advice.

- 100% Confidential


We can have coffee, go for a run/walk or enjoy a drink while

processing a personal or professional decision you need to make.


Once a month, every week or just a 1 time thing.

Let me help you walk through a process that helps you make a decision.

There is No set fee but a donation is appriciated for the time we spend together.


It is like Life Processing, but let's call it TRUE VOICE.  

Business Help: Aerial Artist, Emily Barbar - Has been meeting with me to organize and stratagize her upcoming performance. We set up a process of how she hires dancers, finds costumes, and asks for funding.

(bought me coffee at a local cafe)


Personal Help: Fellow Career Woman, Jane May - Wanted guidence on how she could set boundaries with her parents as an adult woman. (We hiked around a lake in the Cheyanne Mountain area)

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