Vocal Coaching & Mentoring for Singers
Vocal Coaching & Mentoring for Singers

Welcome to Groh Music

We Need to Expand....so we are starting now!


This Fall, We are adding 2 Group Voice Classes for Beginning Singers. We want to build up a Cohort of Young Singers & a Cohort of Teen Singers.


Next Spring, We will audition students in these Cohorts and place them in private lessons with wonderful teachers.


In the next 3 Years - We want to Become the Leading studio for both Teaching and Teacher preparation. 


Join us for this incredible opportunity to learn the basics of singing, songs, rhythm, music reading, auditioning prep and performance know how!  As well as a building block in this Studio Expansion.


Please find what you need below - or give us a call. We want to serve you well!

Groh Music Training Programs

Changing Lives Everytime We Sing!




Private Lessons for Teens 12-18 will begin Tuesday, September 12th.  Students with prior private lesson experience will be asked to audition for placement.

Students without private lesson experience will not audition but be placed in a 1 Semester Group Voice Class that gives them a foundation for voice training.




Placement Auditions will happen:

Colorado Springs Studios -9/5 - 4:30-6pm

Monument - 9/7 - 6:30-7:30pm

By Appointment.

Call to set a time and location.


You will sing a song, warm up, asked about your goals, music experience and asked to sight-read.

Each placement is about 15 minutes.


Wednesday - Teen - Ages 12-17


Thursday - Young - Ages 7-11



If a student is on the cusp of the age break, please consider the group best for you.



- read music, basic breath support, tone production

- warm-up

- sing songs

- understand music rhythms

- song history

- basic lesson etiquette

- audition prep

- increase their vocal range

- musicianship

- and movement for singers


Adult Singers


It is never too late to start singing or sing again! You have a great story and more to learn.  Give us a call to book a lesson interview and rediscover your voice.

Groh Music, Ltd






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846 E Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO 80903   


Does Someone in

your life

Sing All the Time?

Partner with us to give them the outlet

they desire and an education they can use for a lifetime!

Sarah Groh Correa, Director

Dates to Remember

August Audition Preparation & Early Lessons

- Begins August 1, 2017


CALL for Times and Location to prep for your Choir & Musical Theater Audition!


Fall Placement Auditions

- September 5-7, 2017


Voice Lessons Begin

- September 12, 2017


Our Mission

To engage students of all ages in a life changing musical experience that contributes to their personal goals every time they sing.

Our Vision

Groh Music is a resource for singers who grow in their vocal technique, musical understanding and personal insight. 

Our Core Values

Compassion, Respect

Tenacity, Imagination

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Twitter: @sarahgrohmusic

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